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A New Leash On Life!

Is your dog a puller? Are you worried Fido might lunge after that squirrel and take you with him? Your worries are over. Our self-correcting leashes give you and your shoulders a more enjoyable dog-walking experience – Fido likes it too!

Those days of being pulled down the street are a thing of the past! The WACKYwalk’r offers solutions to every day, common dog walking problems. How? Fido learns not to pull due to the gentle self-correcting properties of the WACKYwalk’r.


  • All products are reinforced with safety lines and will only stretch twice their length
  • Secondary handle offers complete control
  • Available in 6 sizes for dogs from 2-200 lbs.
  • 2 lengths to accommodate different working environments
  • Fantastic colors

Let the WACKYwalk’r put a smile on your face a little glide in your stride! Order today and mention code MPV1 and receive a FREE key chain!

Go WACKYwalk’r web siteGo WACKYwalk’r web site